Monday, January 23, 2006


How cool is this?

I've been itching to tell you about this, but I didn't want to 'scoop' Andrea on her own story.

About a week and a half ago, I got an e-mail from the endlessly creative and witty Andrea from the Fishbowl. She had been contacted by CJOH TV, and was asked to be interviewed about blogging on their highly rated noon-hour news show. Andrea decided out of the kindness of her generous heart to share the joy, and asked other Ottawa bloggers Kristina and Robyn to appear with her on the segment. Oh yah, and she asked one other blogger to join her, too. Can you guess who?


(insert pause for Dani to do the "I'm gonna be on TV" dance here)
(keep pausing - it's a long and embarrassing dance)
(almost there)
(watch out for the limbo and the 'spinning on her head like a breakdancer' finale)
(okay, phew, we can move on now)

Andrea has a few more details on her post this morning. It will be filmed Thursday (January 26) morning, and air some time during the noonhour broadcast. We'll actually be interviewed by co-host Leanne Cusack, whom I had the opportunity to meet a couple of years back at the North Gore farmers market, and whom I can say is one of the nicest, most friendly and engaging people I have ever met. And I'm not just saying that so she'll make me look good on TV!

Did I mention I'm going to be on TV? Did I mention BLOG is going to be on TV?

I've been on the news (as opposed to IN the news) twice before. Back in May 2001, just when Beloved and I were starting our first IVF cycle, we were interviewed by CBC Newsworld for a segment on infertility and IVF, and in particular the health risks of IVF. A little less than a year later, another reporter from the same network called us and said they were doing a segment on the 'rights' of frozen embryos and what to do with surplus embryos from IVF to juxtapose with a piece on adoption rights. The reporter was delighted to find out she had called me by sheer concidence on my due date and I was exactly 9 months pregnant with my IVF baby - it added a great visual impact to their story!

(Poor Beloved. Even before I discovered blogging as a way of sharing our most intimate details with random passers-by, I managed to find ways to drag him cringing and flinching into the spotlight.)

So the rest of the week will be consumed with ironing out important details like what to wear (I've already been told that striped turtlenecks are strictly forbidden) and what to say. In her post, Andrea cleverly asked for any tips and pointers, and I will do the same.

Any thoughts on how to look less nervous, smarter, thinner, funnier and not borderline neurotic on TV?