Friday, January 13, 2006


Those Isabella Rosellini cheeks of mine...

Saw this over at Phantom Scribbler, and totally couldn't resist.

MyHeritage uses photo recognition technology to analyze your uploaded photo and tell you which celebrities you most resemble. How could I resist?

I got ten celebrity matches to my face. My ego insists that I tell you that the first female on the list was Isabella Rossellini (54% match) followed by Chelsea Clinton (53% match).

And then to shut up and walk away.

However, in the name of truth and disclosure, I must also admit that the first five returns on the list were (blush):

Zinedine Zidane - 68% match. (I know. I also said, 'Who?' Apparently he's a French soccer star. Right.)
Oliver Stone - 66% match
Dennis (yikes) Quaid - 61% match
Pete Sampras - 60% match
Billy Bob Thornton - 53 % match


Couldn't have been Angelina Jolie instead of Billy Bob, could it? Hell, even resembling Brad Pitt would have made me feel a little better.

I think I'll take my Isabella Rossellini and cut my losses.