Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Celebrating Simon's birthday

Although today is Simon's birthday (and thank you for all the birthday wishes!), we celebrated it with the family last Saturday. And since Simon's story yesterday was perhaps one of my wordiest stories ever, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for this one.

In the morning, we went for a walk to Hog's Back Falls. It was the perfect day for a winter walk - clear and mild and still. This is my favourite time of year to visit Hog's Back, because the snow is white and clean but the spring melt is beginning and you can hear the water rushing nearby.

First, I took a turn pulling Simon in the sled...

...and then Tristan took a turn.

Then Simon realized he could get into a lot more trouble under his own power. Here he is walking with Beloved.

We brought some bird seed and peanuts, but to our great disappointment, we discovered that chipmunks are hibernating creatures. Or, at least we didn't see any. But there were chickadees and nuthatches who were quite willing to sit on our fingers and have a snack.

(See, Andrea? Emma and Tristan would at least have this in common!)

All that walking made for a great afternoon nap for Simon, but alas, not for mummy. While Beloved and Tristan went off to the library, I decorated the kitchen and living room. The balloons and streamers were intentionally put up high and out of reach, but the box of Wiggles cards (Valentine's Day cards, in fact, but don't tell Simon) got taped up at toddler eye-level throughout the main floor.

Granny and Papa Lou came over for dinner, and we made sure to have Simon's favourite food, which you really should hear him pronounce because it's so damn adorable: gu-a-co-MOOOOOO-leeee. (Other special birthday guests could not make it, sadly, because their beautiful baby girl developed croup that day, which Simon has somehow managed to catch via my phone conversation with her mother. Go figure. "What did you get for your birthday, Simon?" "Croup.")

And of course, what birthday would be complete without prezzies? Tristan was very helpful in extricating the presents from their packages with Simon.

For years, I have contemplated getting a cash register toy for the boys - since Tristan's 2nd birthday, I think. Beloved has always seen it as a bit of a lame gift. I perservered (yes, I'm laying it on thick, hoping Beloved is reading today) and was - can you believe it? - right! They loved it!

And a special bravo and thank you to our bloggy friends who suggested an AquaDoodle as a great gift for a two-year-old. (Nancy, you get props for being the first to suggest it - I remember when you first got one for the Troops and how much they liked it.) Granny read all your suggestions, and in the end chose the fancy Thomas the Tank Engine AquaDoodle. Even mummy and daddy get a kick out of playing with this one, and watching the Thomas train follow the tracks we've drawn. The boys like it so much, they even (gasp!) SHARE it!!

And of course, no Wiggles birthday would be complete without a Wiggles cake...

... and a birthday boy to enjoy it.

Happy Birthday, Simon! You are more wonderful (two-derful?) with every passing day. I love you!