Saturday, February 11, 2006


The Internet is a really small place!

This is a story about how small the Internet really is.

I, as you know, am a Canadian living in Ottawa. I have made friends with a blogger named James, who writes a blog called Coyote Mercury. I think he found my blog one day while searching for a book, and stumbled upon my 10-pages in book reviews. Or maybe it was via Library Thing. Regardless, he's a writer and I'm a reader, and we've been back and forth to each others' blogs, even though he lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of Austin, Texas.

This week, a writer named Connie Schultz who works for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and whom I therefore assume lives and works in Cleveland, wrote an editorial called "Land of the Free-For-All." In it, she talks about how she loves and hates blogs, and talks a little bit about bloggers and the MSM and a few other topical bits. Then she talks about just randomly clicking through the blogosphere. She says,

Most of the blog world is a glimpse into what used to be a whole universe of unexpressed thoughts by people hoping that someone, anyone, will care. There's a lot of real life out there in that virtual world, just a click away.

Click. A young mother in Canada swears she's not all that complicated."All you have to do is read the blog to know what you need to know about me. I'm Tristan and Simon's mommy, Beloved's wife, Granny and Papa Lou's daughter, peon employee of big government, and lucky enough to have so many friends that I couldn't possibly list them all."

Sound familiar? She doesn't give me any kind of attribution beyond that. But her editorial gets picked up by the Austin-American Statesman, and James, my Austin blogger friend, happens to be reading the editorial and recognizes the description, so he tells me about it.

How cool is that?