Monday, February 20, 2006


Leftovers and half-thoughts

Home with a barfy preschooler today, and on about four hours sleep I'm not sure I have much to say today.

Nancy asked how the overnight stay with Granny and Papa Lou went - it was great! I knew Tristan would have a good time, but I had been a little worried about how Simon would take being left behind. A few times he asked, "Where's Tristan?" and we just told him Tristan was "visiting" without getting into any specifics. He just shrugged and continued to enjoy being the centre of the universe.

I'm about to try to send Simon to daycare without Tristan. I'm not sure how that one will work out either, but if I have any hope of getting work done from home today - and I really need to do some - it will be a lot easier wrangling just one of them. I really don't know how work-from-home moms do it!