Saturday, March 25, 2006


Bloggy playdate!

The calendar was mistaken. TODAY was the first day of glorious, rain-sprinkled, sun-dappled, dirt-smelling spring.

And what better way to celebrate than with a family breakfast out and a trip Ottawa's agricultural museum, the Experimental Farm?

Wow, you say, what a great day. How could you improve on a day like that? Why, you turn it into a bloggy playdate, that's how! Andrea and her family joined us on our lovely spring morning excursion - and between the two of us, you had to know somebody was going to blog about it. Since we both had cameras but only I had juice in my batteries, I won.

Here's Emma entertaining Tristan at the restaurant. I may have to steal her:

It was sprinkling a little bit when we got to the farm, but the sun was out after we went through a few of the barns.

Plenty of puddles remained for Simon's enjoyment.

It's springtime, and there were lots of baby animals to admire. (The tiny lamb curled in the hay near the ewe's head is my favourite.)

Tristan favoured the week-old piglets that you can't quite see behind the glass.

I loved this moment of sisterly cooperation. My boys are not quite there yet, but I'm hopeful now.

The kids were as curious about the kids as the kids were curious about the kids.

Here's Andrea's family, if they had been farmers back in the day. It's a good look for them, don't you think?

I like the farm because of the animals...

... but also because they have fun places for the kids to play. Emma, Sarah and Simon are having a little tea party in the barn.

To continue in our celebration of spring, I've topped up the propane tank and bought all the fixins for barbequed hamburgers for dinner tonight. Almost makes dinnertime something to look forward to!

Hope your day was filled with springy thoughts, too!