Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Don't mind me, I'm just ranting

Sorry about yesterday's blatant cry for sympathy. I'm a little bit stressed out these days, in the same way Tim Hortons sells a little bit of coffee each day.

You know what triggered my waterworks? My time sheets.

We have this intranet thingee where we complete our time sheets, and mine has been screwed up since July. I finally got it fixed last month, but it has been so busy that I haven't had time to enter the 4 months worth of outstanding time sheets I have to key in. The end of the fiscal year is coming, though, so I had to do them. And I had to do about 100 other things. And the people for whom I was supposed to be doing things kept calling and sending me e-mails and complaining about stuff I couldn't control and asking me to do stuff I couldn't do, and the people who might have been able to help me accomplish things seemed bent on being obstacles instead. And the time sheet interface and I had a disagreement, and I lost it.

Yep, I cried over data administration. If that's not embarrassing, I don't know what is.

Oh wait, yes I do know what embarrassing is... embarrassing is deciding to cheer yourself up by any means possible, while atoning for the snack-food self-medication excesses of the past week, and deciding to go to the gym before work this morning. (no we're not at the embarrasing part yet) And also deciding that whereas what you would REALLY like to do is stay home and watch Ellen and Dr Phil all day, what you can realistically do is wear your jeans and favourite sweater as a form of textile comfort and minute rebellion against the office. (here comes the embarrassing part) And after working yourself up into a collossal sweat and then having an invigorating shower in the locker room of your office building, you realize that you forgot to pack a bra. And you hold up the soaked, smelly bra that you were just wearing and realize that the choice between this bra and no bra is really not so much of a choice at all. And you also decide that you are very glad you work downtown within a 10 minute walk to some lovely lingerie stores, to which you will be paying an unscheduled visit on your morning coffee break. And you will hold a large sheaf of papers tightly to your chest should you need to actually leave your cubicle for any reason until you manage to accomplish that excusion. (see, embarrassing. I told you.)

When I'm stressed, I eat. I don't drink much (the migraine is rarely worth it), I don't smoke, I don't pop pills. Barbequed chips and chocolate chip cookies are my current medication of choice. What do you do to release the pressure? And if you could, which source of stress would you eliminate from your life?