Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Talk to me!

Tomorrow marks our triumphant (hey, you had to know I'd milk it) return to local daytime television, as Andrea, Kristina and I will be the featured bloggers on CJOH's News at Noon with the endearing Leanne Cusack.

Aside from the usual panic on Important Topics like the potential for a bad hair day or wardrobe malfunction, I'm worried about what to say. (Substance over style - can you imagine?) I'd like to spend a little less time talking about mom blogging and a little bit more time on the impact of blogs on communication, interpersonal connection and the MSM - but we're at the mercy of the viewing audience and the questions they might ask. (New panic - what if they ask a question we can't answer? Oh, the pressure!)

If you had five minutes and a captive audience, what would you say about blogs, blogging and being a blogger?