Monday, March 06, 2006


They shoudn't let me out of the building at lunch time

A few quick thoughts as I scarf down my sandwich and coffee (third one of the day, because I've been up since four freakin' thirty this morning. Anybody wanna buy a toddler with sleep issues? And this is before we make the transition away from the cage crib...)

Could someone please come and get your former president? Because apparently he and his buddy Lance Armstrong and 4000 fans are in town, and the congestion around my food-court of choice was rather unbearable.

Not that the former president of the United States has anything to do with tampons, but for lack of a better segue I was also going to ask you why the nice lady at the drug store always double-bags when I buy tampons. It's a nice gesture, but should I be embarrassed? I mean, wouldn't it be worse if I weren't buying them when I need them?

Okay, so I could have inserted this part of the stream-of-consciousness in between the POTUS thing and the tampon thing, but they have a nice juxtapositioning, no? Anyway, I was also going to mention that I was walking through the Bay, and got sucked in by the Estée Lauder bonus display. I've often succumbed to the Clinique bonus offer, but I've never used Estée Lauder cosmetics before. (I can't find a link, but trust me when I tell you it was an adorable little make up bag - because I only have five I don't use already - and some brushes and stuff, but it was, you know, FREE with $29.50 purchase so how could I say no?) And my Clinique duo in bronze and something is almost a year old, so I should probably update it. So I was looking at the eyeshadow combos, and there was one set of earth tones that I particularly liked, but when she told me the price I nearly dropped my lunch.

FORTY-EIGHT DOLLARS for eyeshadow? Holy hell! I mean really, I know there's probably some measurable difference between the Cover Girl stuff in the drug store and this, but at ten times the price? Did I just reveal myself as pathetically hick and make-up unsavvy? We're talking one little palette of four eyeshadows here, not even three square inches for the whole thing.

Sheesh. This being a girl thing is getting expensive, what with the name-brand tampons and all...