Friday, March 17, 2006


This, that and the other thing

How much longer do I have to stare at this blank screen before I come up with an idea?

(sound of crickets)

Quite a while, apparently. Oh well, the lack of something to say has never stopped me before.

I've bookmarked a few new toys that might be interesting enough to mention. Since the pitchers and catchers were called to spring training this week (doesn't the phrase "pitchers and catchers" just make your heart feel a little lighter?) and since baseball has always been my sport of choice, I present to you a blog I will skim sporadically but never follow assiduously, but am somehow happy to know it exists: the Major League Baseball Players' Blog. For some reason, I can't help but think of Bull Durham here, and wonder what kind of blog Nuke LaLoosh would write.

Baseball not your thing? How about an American Idol blog? I couldn't find any contestant blogs (although I admit, I didn't spend too much time looking - there are only so many moments in a lifetime) but I know you're just itching to author your very own Idol blog. Go on, you know you want to - and someone needs to write about something other than Kevin, because there is no way he still deserves to be there nor have the largest tag cloud. I'm just sayin'.

And look! Once you have a few posts under your belt, you can get a hardbound copy of your blog published! (Confession: I am coveting this. One day I will do this.)

Speaking of published, did I tell you an article I wrote is being published in a trade magazine? Unfortunately, it's not going out with my byline on it, but I wrote it and it's getting published (if we can get the cursed thing through approvals, that is.) That counts, right?

And speaking of media (look at me, with segues and everything), did I tell you Andrea and I are going to be on TV again next week? We had so much fun with Leanne Cusack the last time we were on the News at Noon that Leanne asked us if we'd be willing to do an in-studio follow-up on blogging. From what I understand, and details are a little sketchy, we will be answering calls from the viewing audience - we'll be bloggy experts! Cool, eh? More details to follow - don't say you weren't warned!

Oh, and one more thing (who said I had nothing to say?) that I wanted to share... if you like camping, KOA is offering a free night of camping on May 12. We did this last year, and although it was frigid and pouring a little cool and unsettled, we still had an excellent time. This year, I tried to book another one of those little cabins, but they didn't have any available - but instead we got a "villa" with two rooms, indoor plumbing, a kitchen and an indoor fireplace! Not bad for FREE! We were so excited, we booked a second night and we'll be camping for the weekend with my brother and his family again. Two families, a full weekend of "camping" in a fully serviced cottage, total price = $145. Not bad, eh?

So if I can come up with all this while having nothing to talk about, surely you can come up with something to comment about, right? Cuz I'm feeling a little comment-needy today. Will it help if I tell you I'm 1/8 Irish on my mother's side?