Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Those twinkling stars can be terrifying

My kids excell at finding ways to freak me out.

I'm putting away the groceries, and Tristan and Simon are futzing about in the dining room. Simon is playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine book that you press the buttons and it plays songs - the Wheels on the Train, I've Been Working on the Railroad, etc.

And all of a sudden, he's bawling. Tristan is nowhere near him. I pick him up and ask him if he's hurt, if he's sick, but he won't stop crying. Tristan had said something about the song making Simon sad, but I didn't catch it.

Beloved comes upstairs and says "Twinkle Twinkle Litttle Star" - the song Simon had been playing obsessively - makes him cry today. We couldn't even talk about the song by title without setting him off, even after he calmed down and was happily doing something else.

I immediately feared the worst, and started quizzing both of them on where they might have heard that song. I was, of course, thinking about daycare. But what? My kids love their daycare provider so much they call her Auntie Bobbie. And they both said nope, the only place they hear that song is in the book. The one that's been tucked away for a couple of weeks.

Any thoughts???