Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The ABCs of Me(me)

Oh look, it's another meme from Phantom Scribbler. Plus, I got tagged by Renée of Froggie Mom on the 'weird facts about me' meme, and these two dovetailed nicely.

Accent: Not that I know of, but when I first moved here I was told I had a Toronto accent. Eh?

Booze: Not usually. I'll have a glass of wine or a beer on the odd social occasion, but alcohol is a big migraine trigger for me, and a three-day hangover is rarely worth it. My brother is slowly educating me on the world of good red wines.

Chore I hate: washing lettuce. (Really, I despise washing lettuce. Don't mind washing peppers, or cukes, or whatever, but I really hate washing lettuce.) Cleaning the backyard of poop-dogs in the spring. Ironing. Making the bed.

Dog or cat: yes. One of each. I am admittedly a dog person, and not nearly so cruel to my pets as some people might have you believe.

Essential electronics: laptop. TV. Coffe maker. Hairdryer. Simon's CD player for lullabyes.

Favorite cologne(s): eau de fresh-washed preschooler (tied for first with eau de fresh-washed Beloved).

Gold or silver: yes please. Rubies and diamonds, too. (My wedding rings are white gold with yellow gold detail, and my heirloom ring from my mother is white gold with a ruby.) But silver looks nice on me, too, especially in the summer.

Hometown: I was born in London, Ontario but after 18 years I guess I now call Ottawa home.

Insomnia: Sometimes. But not lately.

Job title: Senior communications advisor.

Kids: Yep. Two now, maybe more by this time next year???

Living arrangements: nuclear family with grandparents the perfect distance of a 20-minute walk away.

Most admirable trait: Infernal optimist.

Number of sexual partners: You really want to know? This is personal stuff - promise you won't think me a tramp, okay? Three.

Overnight hospital stays: Two, one for each baby. Two nights for Tristan, one for Simon. Trips to the ER? Countless.

Phobias: This could be a whole post unto itself. Executive summary: things that grow (weeds, some more than others), things that rot (mould), things with wings or more than four legs (insects - again, some more than others; spiders are fine, but junebugs terrify me), things that go bump in the night, inanimate objects coming to life, lightswitches that don't work...

Quote: "My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?" (Erma Bombeck)

Religion: Recovering Catholic.

Siblings: One brother, five years younger and six inches taller than me.

Time I wake up: Between five-thirty and six. Big improvements since daylight savings time, so much so I'm reluctant to see it in type!!

Unusual talent or skill: I can clap with one hand.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Hmmm, nothing comes to mind. There are plenty of which I'm not overly fond, but I don't think I'd outright refuse to eat any vegetable.

Worst habit: I leave things wherever I happen to be when I lose interest in them or get distracted by something else (as opposed to putting them away), and then become pathologically oblivious to them. I also hate clutter. This is a very bad combination.

X-rays: Teeth. Lungs for pneumonia. CAT scan for headaches when I was a teen. Probably various limbs during trips to the ER when I was a kid, but nothing stands out in my memory.

Yummy foods I make: Guacamole (my mother and Simon fight over it). Chicken fajitas on the barbeque. Peppered steak brochettes with grilled veggies.

Zodiac sign: If you've read more than three of my posts, this is almost as obvious as the question about how many kids I have. Leo, of course.