Monday, April 10, 2006


But where does God buy his car?

Tristan starts Catholic school in September, but I still haven't found just the right place to start introducing the concepts of God and Jesus and the Church. We had a few goes of it at Christmas, but I don't think much sunk in. Luckily, a perfect opportunity presented itself in the car recently.

Tristan: "What's that little store over there?"
Me: "Um, that's not a store, sweetie, that's a church."
And please give me credit here for restraining myself on the topic of what they might be selling.


Tristan: "A church?"
Me (
carefully): "A church is where people go to talk to God."

I'll bet you can see this one coming, can't you?

Tristan: "God?"
Me (feigning casualness): "Um hmmm. God. (pause) Some people believe God created everything - the grass, the trees, the stars and the moon. (with growing confidence) Some people believe that God is the father of all of the people in the world."

(cringe a little bit, consider some revisions, wait to see how this dust settles first)

(thoughtful pause)

Tristan: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes, sweetie?"

Tristan: "Where did our car come from?"
Me: "A car store."
Tristan: "Oh. Okay."

I'm both pleased and unsurprised that our first philosophical discussion on religion has turned out to be rather circular in nature.