Saturday, April 22, 2006


For a good cause

1912 Edition of
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Available for Raffle

All proceeds will benefit Annika Tiede, a five year old girl from Normal, Illinois who is on a waiting list for her third liver transplant

Annika was born with biliary atresia, a congenital liver disease that most often results in death without a liver transplant. She so far has had two, and the second is now failing, resulting in frequent internal bleeding. Her doctors have placed her back on the waiting list for a third transplant.

Her health insurance situation is tenuous, so her family has signed up with the Children’s Organ Transplant Association, a non-profit which assists families with fundraising to meet the expenses of needed organ transplants. This raffle is one of the activities in support of the COTA fundraising project.

COTA is online at
Annika Tiede’s page on the COTA site can be viewed at
Every $5 donated on this site qualifies you to claim one ticket for the draw for the Peter Rabbit book. Simply forward your email receipt to
andrea@athenadreaming.org, who will assign you a ticket number.

The draw was scheduled to be held on April 22, 2006 but the minimum number of tickets have not yet been sold. This may be your last chance!!

There are now two stories already attached to this little book. The first is from Marla, called The Very Long Tale of How Marla is Offering the Tale of Peter Rabbit with a Few Other Tales Thrown In Because Marla Finds Brevity Painful

The second story is from me. Yesterday, I realized I had almost missed the deadline to buy my raffle tickets, and while I was at work, I pulled out my credit card and very surreptitiously made my donation. I was just putting my credit card back into my wallet when my boss's boss came into my cubicle, startling the holy hell out of me and catching me red-handed conducting Internet commerce on the company's computer, and proceeded to ask me whether I had bought a 50/50 ticket from our social committee that day, because the ticket sold before his was the winner. Sure enough, as I had been buying my raffle tickets, karma took note and I won more than $100!

So buy a raffle ticket today... it's good karma! And check out the other cool things up for raffle, too!