Monday, April 03, 2006


Sunshine and suburban strolling

I'm a little confused. It's Monday, but this is definitely going to be a ramble. Sorry for the break in routine!

I read on the weekend (did you notice that almost all my Monday posts begin with "I read on the weekend" or some variant thereof?) an article that said tanning releases endorphins, similar to the 'runner's high', that make you happy and relaxed, but that can also be addictive and cause symptoms of withdrawal.

That pretty much explains November. It might also explain why I feel so great after spending several hours outside with the boys yesterday - despite the pink sunburn stretching my cheeks a little too taut. (I need more transition time between scarves and sunscreen!)

Not a bad day, all in all. In the morning we went for a walk. Well, it was more like a jog - in the lurchy kind of way you jog to keep up with a preschooler on a bike while dragging another preschooler behind you in a wagon - and played at the 'play park' (Simonism) for a bit.

While Simon napped, I worked out our tax returns. I was surprised to find out that that we paid almost $7500 in child care last year, just for part-time care. Did I mention that the House is sitting today for the first day under Stephen Harper? I'll let the dust settle from the IVF funding debate before I start crowing about the "Choice in Child Care Allowance" (turns to the side and spits) again. But be warned, it's coming.

By the time Simon woke up, I was squirrelly from number crunching and we had no plans for dinner, so we set off on another wander, this one to the Farm Boy that just opened near us. I heart Farm Boy! It's great having a market within walking distance of the house, and especially lovely to have fresh fruits and vegetables that are - gasp! - fresh. We picked up a couple of pepper steaks, some Asian noodle salad and some multigrain rice pilaf and had ourselves a barbequed feast for dinner. Delish!

We celebrated the end of a gorgeous day with a family trip to Dairy Queen. This is one of those things I remember so clearly from my childhood that I'm happy to carry on to the next generation. Nothing says summer like ice cream running down the chin of a happy preschooler!

And the final stop on my ramble today is with what I chose not to watch on TV last night. Every year, I try to tune in for at least a little bit of the Juno (Canadian music) awards, but with Pamela Anderson as the host last night, I just couldn't bring myself to watch, especially when I knew she'd be going on about the whole seal hunt thing. I kind of wish I had at least caught Jann Arden's comment though. Apparently she walked on stage and said, "I just want everyone to know that my brassiere is made entirely of seal eyelids."

Okay, so for this entire post I have been debating on whether or not to call down the gods and admit to this or not, but I can't help myself. You know how I was looking forward to a certain day on the calendar? You know what time my boys woke up yesterday? 6:25 am. (I was astonished.) You know what time they woke up this morning? Me neither... the house was still silent when I slipped out the door at twenty of seven.

It'll never last - but I'll take what I can get!