Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Dora 5, Senators 0

I have a special love for playoff hockey. It's true, I'm not a die-hard fan most of the year, but I do love to jump on the bandwagon for the playoffs - and playoff hockey is inextricably intertwined with Simon in my heart.

Once again, our beloved Senators are thick in the hunt for the Cup, having easily stickhandled past Tampa Bay into round two of the playoffs. Should be a great weekend to catch a game, right?

Wrong. Scotiabank Place will be a busy mecca to fans of another kind this weekend. Hockey Night in Canada won't be broadcasting playoff games from Ottawa this Saturday and Sunday because Dora the Explorer has the place booked solid for five sold-out shows. Did you catch that? Five. Sold. Out. Shows. The first four sold out almost immediately, so they added a fifth. They speculate they could have easily sold out a sixth show at this, Ottawa's largest entertainment venue. Yikes!

My boys like Dora. Tristan won't admit to it, and in fact actively states he doesn't like her, but they tend to sit riveted in front of the TV for the entire 21 minutes she is on, yelling words in Spanish that I hope are not obscene. But personally, I can't stand her. I can't stand the video-game-esque flavour of the show with the arrow pointer and the clicking, and I find her grating at best. Yes, I happily forked over $200 to bring the family to see the Wiggles, and we're spending another small fortune to go on another Day Out With Thomas adventure this summer, but you couldn't pay me enough to sit through a Dora stage show. And I'm perfectly content with that hypocrisy, thanks.

Here's some interesting Dora tidbits gleaned from the Ottawa Citizen this week:

* Dora was watched by 21.9 million people in November 2005, including 5.6 million kids between the ages of two and five.

* Dora licenced merchandise is the fourth Nickelodeon property to reach one billion dollars in sales, after Rugrats, Blues Clues and SpongeBob SquarePants. (What is it about Nickelodeon? I don't mind Blue's Clues, but why is it that these other shows that are both the most popular and the most unbearably annoying shows on TV? Why??)

* Dora is seen in more than 74 countries in 15 languages.

I dunno. Personally, I'd rather be watching playoff hockey. Oh, and my condolences to the Habs fans out there.

Go Sens Go!!