Thursday, June 29, 2006


Bestest playdate ever

I knew if I waited long enough, Nancy would get around to blogging what I was up to yesterday!

She`s got the scoop, but let me give you my own spin on things - and very quickly, because I am in a Holiday Inn `Business Centre` getting my blog fix, with two boys locked in here with me, and the Dollarama marble run and two juice boxes are only going to buy me so much time!

If you ever happen to be traveling through Montreal, skip all the fancy tourist stuff and head straight to Nancy`s place. Four boys played exquisitely all day, either in the basement or terrorizing her guest room, while we sat in the kitchen and mostly ignored them. And Nancy made amazing giant bubbles in the backyard and the boys went crazy trying to pop them. And we went for a swim and our jaws dropped open at her little fishies swimming like pros. And she made us homemade muffins, plus lunch AND dinner and - gasp! - Tristan actually ate a good portion of both meals. Really, best. playdate. ever.

Her boys are so sweet that when Tristan expressed an interest in a little Batman figure, one of her gracious little boys actually gave it to him. How`s that for amazing preschooler behaviour!

More, much more to come, but if I don`t get these boys out of the Business Centre soon, we`re going to have no place to sleep tonight.

P.S. I`m logged onto the hotel internet (in Quebec City) and the Blogger interface is in French. Trés cool!

P.P.S. My mother would have a canary if she saw me admitting on the Interwebs that I`m not in my house. Rest assured, evil ne`er-do-wells, the house is not empty. Don`t even bother.