Tuesday, June 06, 2006



It’s day one. Here we go!

(breathe, breathe…)

It’s ‘day one’ of my pre-transfer mock cycle. Aren’t you excited? I’m positively giddy!

For those of you who haven’t been committing this stuff to memory, here’s the plan:

Next Thursday, June 15, I start using a pee-on-the-stick ovulation predictor kit. The OPK detects the surge of luteinizing hormone that occurs just before the ovaries release the follicle into the fallopian tube. When I get a positive indicator for the LH surge, I call the clinic back and go for an ultrasound, probably the next day. They measure my uterine lining, because you need a thick and juicy lining to make a cosy home for an itinerant embryo. Then, six to eight days later, I go back to the clinic for some blood work to check my estrogen and progesterone levels. That’s it for the mock cycle month.

Then I call again next month with my day one, and it’s the real deal. About ten days after my day one, I go in for another ultrasound and they look to see if a good sized follicle is maturing and ready to ovulate. If so, I go in to the clinic every day for a blood test to monitor for the LH surge - no messing with OPKs for the real deal, I guess.

I forgot to ask the exact details, but I think it’s about two days after the surge they start thawing our little frostie in the morning, and they transfer it to my uterus with the same sort of turkey-baster device that they used to place the sperm during the IUIs.

And that’s it, except for the torturous two-week wait between the transfer and the pregnancy test. Gulp.

You know that I’ve already analyzed the hell out of the timing on this, so let’s share the math. Day one of mock cycle = June 6, therefore day one of ‘for keeps’ cycle will likely be approximately July 4 (our wedding anniversary is July 3, which is also five years to the day after I found out I was pregnant for the first time, the pregnancy that ultimately miscarried.) So I’ll start going to the clinic for blood work approximately July 14, and the transfer will likely take place within a week, probably around July 20.

And here’s where it gets dicey: we have tickets to see Thomas the Frickin’ Tank Engine on July 22 in St Thomas, an eight-hour drive away. Oy vey. So do we ditch our tickets ($80 for the four of us) and go ahead with a July cycle? Do we roll the dice, keep the tickets and hope transfer happens before the morning of July 21, so we can hustle on down to Southern Ontario? Do we delay the cycle until August? Can I live with the what-ifs if we delay a month and it doesn’t work out?

Speak, Interweb. What should we do?

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