Monday, July 24, 2006


The cutest pirate on the seven seas

I'm either really late for last Halloween, or really early for the next one. But, despite that, is he not the most adorable pirate ever?

Johnny Depp's got nothing on Tristan the Pirate!!

Tristan was invited to a costume birthday party yesterday, and I was in a bit of a panic as to what costume he could possibly use for a party in July. All our Halloween costumes have been carefully chosen for blustery October evenings with a decent chance of snow - the more fur, the better!

I'm rather proud of this costume, because although I fancy myself on the creative side, I'm not good with imagination stuff like this. The T-shirt is from his drawer, and the track pants were about to be sacraficed to the god of torn out knees anyway. The inflatable sword came from a Happy Meal box, as did the eyepatch not showing in this picture. The only thing I bought was a 97 cent bandana and 89 cents worth of red satin fabric, both courtesy of WalMart. Add a curlicue of moustache thanks to Clinique bonus leftovers and his own rubber boots. Voila - instant pirate!

More important than anything, though, was the fact that he loved it. He was the proudest pirate you ever would meet, and we practised his "Aarghh!" the whole 30 minute drive to the party and back again.


Posting may get a little sporadic, not to mention lightweight, over the next two weeks. I'm on vacation! Hooray! Turns out my vacation perfectly coincides with the two week wait, through no actually planning on my part - I couldn't have made it work out better if I tried.

Are we there yet?