Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hurry up and wait

I was going to post a really big whine this morning. I'm starting to get a little impatient with the whole daily bloodletting thing (no updates because there's nothing to post, just a lot of holes in the inside of my arm and the back of my hand), and this morning on the way into the clinic I managed to spill most of my coffee all over my white cotton blouse. Three days in a row, I went from the clinic back home or to the gym - it figures that I douse myself in coffee the day I'm heading to work. In white.

And I was going to whine that my in-laws are stopping by for a last-minute overnight visit tonight. I'm pretty lucky in the in-law department, but this is not exactly the best week for a visit. Oh well, aside from the fact they sleep in my bed when they visit, they're pretty low maintenance and I enjoy their company - just not on a weekday, when I'm working and in the middle of a flippin' fertility cycle!

And then there is Sassy, my parents' gorgeous and goodnatured but absolutely dumb as a post malamute husky, who is vacationing with us this week. She has a tendency to use the rug as a toilet, and no amount of walking has encouraged her to use the outside facilities. My dad walks her three to five kilometers morning and night, but sadly, I just don't have that kind of time just now. I'm hoping she deigns to use the back yard sooner rather than too late.

All in all, I was in a pretty crappy mood when I arrived at the office this morning, and then I saw that Nadine from heathifica.ca had extended my plea for information to her own health-related blog - wasn't that nice? And then I opened my e-mail, and Jojo the commenter (and godmother to my boys) who really should write her own blog sent me the link to a wonderful blog called The Shape of a Mother. It's one of the best new blogs I've seen - I love it!

In other words, I've got nothing today, but do go check out The Shape of a Mother. One of these days I might post my own saggy self over there, too!