Monday, July 31, 2006


Name that iPod - a summer contest

I had no idea.

According to Sue of Inner Dorothy, my iPod needs a name. Her iPod is named Surely.

I'm ashamed to admit that when iTunes asked me to name my iPod, I labelled it with the incredibly lame and pedestrian "Dani's iPod". Now that I've been enlightened by Sue, I'm all over the idea of christening my iPod like stink on a diaper.

But what name is worthy of my little electronic bundle of joy? Something clever, something original, something snazzy? Well, at least something that's not going to get my poor little iPod mocked on the playground by all the other cool iPods, at least.

And that's where you, dear friends, come in. You've proven time and again that you are more witty than me by half, and twice as clever. Welcome to the "Name that iPod" summer contest. I'll take your suggestions through the end of the week, and on Friday, I'll put up a poll and you can vote for the best name. If you can't make the comment box work, and a couple of you have mentioned that you can't, send me an e-mail.

Did I mention there will be prizes? Prizes! I'm still feeling inspired by the sugar rush of the great candy swap of 2006, so the clever person who suggests the winning name will have not only the prestige of knowing you christened my beloved new iPod, but I'll send you a gift pack of personally selected candy as well.

It's like Rockstar Supernova and Big Brother and Canadian Idol, all wrapped up into one bloggy contest, isn't it? Not so much? Oh well, at least you get the chance for some free candy.

So get on it. What's my iPod's new name?