Sunday, July 02, 2006


Revenge of the Luddite

Technology - my vice, my paramour, my nemesis.

The laptop has been 'in the shop' for about two and a half weeks. The 'shop' is in - of all places - Utah. Apparently, in all of North America, Gateway computers only have qualified technicians in Utah. Go figure.

You may remember back when we got the laptop - I thought it was an almost embarrassing and unnecessary extravagance. Now, it's a lifeline. For more than half a month, I've had to actually creep down to the basement and use the desktop computer to surf, and to blog. Oh, the indecency of it all. It's practically a stone tablet and chisel, for goodness sake.

And then, while we were away this past week, Beloved has the audacity to take with him our digital camera (which I also thought was a bit of an embarrassing and unnecessary extravagance), leaving me with my little Canon Owl point and shoot 35mm camera. Not even an SLR, mind you. And I had to bring the films to the photo lab and actually wait to see what the pictures looked like. It was nothing short of painful. We used to live like this? It's positively prehistoric.

So anyway, I had to wait until tonight to post some of the pics from the 35mm camera (I even had to ask for a reminder tutorial on how to scan things into the computer!) and now Blogger has crapped out on me and won't let me edit post any more photos. But in the next little while, I'm going back to re-edit some of the original sketches on Quebec City, so do go back and admire the photos, now that it's taken so much bloody work to post them for you. Egads, at this rate I'll posting via seminole signals by the end of the weekend...