Sunday, July 16, 2006


Tummy trouble

I'm a little bit worried about Simon.

(Warning: there will be talk of barfing ahead. Consider yourself warned.)

He's always been a great eater, but he's been a little off his food lately. And maybe five or six times in the last couple of weeks, he's finished most of his dinner, started to whimper, and barfed it all right back up again. Each time it has happened, it's been a fairly hot day, and up until last week I was attributing it to the heat.

Last week, he was sick three times, but showed no other symptoms. And once he finishes yakking, he's fine - energetic, playful, in good humour.

So Beloved took him to the ped on Friday, and the ped weighed him. He's actually gained weight since his well-baby appointment six months ago, so that's a good sign. The ped told us to simply keep an eye on him, and let him know if other symptoms (food avoidance, ill temper, etc) manifest. He also gave us a prescription for Prevacid, the same reflux medication both boys were on around four to six months of age. Even though he's now two and a half, the administration of the medication is the same - with applesauce.

Just wondering if, in the beautiful symmetry of the Internet, any of you have any experience with random barfing (looks pointedly at Nancy) and any advice? Thanks to Tristan, I know from fevers, but barfing is new (not to mention messy) territory for me.

And now, as a reward for tolerating a post about my two year old's tummy troubles, a bonus conversation and non-sequiter:

We are at my parents' house for dinner. Tristan is downstairs watching TV and Simon is playing in the kitchen while my folks and Beloved and I are finishing our dinner. Tristan comes upstairs and asks for some crackers, which I give to him with the admonition to be very careful and not make a mess with the crumbs. At no time does Simon go anywhere near the basement family room.

Tristan is downstairs all of two minutes at most, and comes upstairs with a comically worried look on his face.

"Someone made a mess with some crackers downstairs," he confides with wide blue eyes, "and I think it was Simon!"

I couldn't help but laugh.