Friday, August 25, 2006


Bad sweater day

There's no comment game today. Sorry about that. I can never tell if you are playing along because you're humouring me, or if you genuinely like those things. Let me know if you really enjoy them, and I'll find some more.

Then again, there's not much else today. It's been a long week and my brain is pretty much fried this morning. That, and I'm having a bad sweater day, and I'm feeling peevish about it.

Do you have clothing that pisses you off? I've had this sweater for (stops to count on fingers) way too long. Maybe six or eight years? And I can't stand it. It's acrylic, which makes my skin hot - not to mention the static cling factor, and it's a litte bit fuzzy, which is kind of annoying in a tickly sort of way, and it's cut about an inch and a half too short, so that it makes my belly look like a third boob hanging a little too low.

So why am I wearing it? Because when I look at it on the hanger, it's a lovely sweater. It's a nice light knit in a creamy white. I love the neckline and the way it hangs. It is in theory a perfect light low-maintenance sweater for summer, but in actual practice, it feels yucky and is very unflattering on me. And I cannot reconcile these two views of the same sweater, so I leave it hanging in the closet year after year, and about every six months it finally wears me down enough that I pull it off the hanger and try it on, and usually, like this morning, I'm only considering it because I'm already late and short on choices and don't have time to iron anything else, so by the time I get it on and realize how much I can't stand it I'm already late for the bus and I have to run so there's no time to switch it for a less offensive sweater. And then I spend the whole ride into town on the bus sulking about being duped into wearing my bad sweater and scheming about how I can find a spare minute to sneak into the Rideau Centre to buy another shirt just so I don't have to put up with this annoying fucking sweater any longer than I have to.

That happens to you too, right?