Thursday, August 10, 2006


Fun with comments

Sorry, kiddies, I've got nothing for you today. It's almost painful because I'm in one of those stretches when I have about six or seven ideas for posts clogging up my brain, and the words are just coursing out of my fingertips every time I sit down at the keyboard - but I'm smack out of time.

I could have written something up last night, but I spent two and a half hours discovering iTunes. Are you completely nauseauted by my obsession with my iPod yet? Just wait, I still owe you a post or three about (warning: gratuitous product placement ahead) my new, free Nokia 6682 but I haven't yet had the time (see the motif here?) to figure out how to make it give me back the pictures I took with it.

All that to say, while I've got nothing up my sleeve, I thought we could try one of those comment games again. We tried it a while ago, and it was a little ugly, but still fun. Let's try again, since you've already gone to the bother of showing up when I wasnt' ready for company.

Here's how it goes. I'll propose a movie, and you post an actor/actress who is in that movie. The next person posts a different movie that said actor is in, and the person after that posts a different actor in that movie... and so on, until the end of time. Got it? So, if I say "Star Wars" you say "Harrison Ford" and the next guy says "Six Days and Seven Nights" (or whatever that movie is called) and the next person says "Anne Heche" and the person after that goes to imdb to see if Anne Heche ever made another movie. And if two people post at the same time, the next person has the choice between the two answers to follow.

Fun, eh? Well, at least you won't be me, stumbling through yet another interminable French class, having forgotten during your brief but lovely vacation every verb you ever conjugated.

So I'll start you off with: The Godfather. Go!