Monday, August 07, 2006


My iPod's new name is...

(fanfare, dramatic pause)

... Escape Pod! (balloons and confetti fall from the rafters)

Our big winner is tricky 'Trixie' who suggested the winning name under a pseudonym, which I only realized when I went to send her a congratulatory e-mail and realized she is one of my favourite colleagues in disguise. Hey, at least this way I don't have to pay the postage on her candy prize package!

Thanks 'Trixie' for the suggesting the winning name, and thanks to Kris for making the extra effort to vote via the comments and finally breaking the deadlocked tie late this afternoon. The excitement, the suspense, the drama of it all - this is better than prime time!

And, as promised, the 'thanks for playing' extra prize package goes to (more fanfare) Renee of Froggie Mom! Woo hoo! I hope I can find something interesting to send her that they don't have down there in Louisiana.

Thanks to all who played - this was a fun little distraction. We should have contests around here more often!

Edited to add: If you are curious, here's the final standings:

iBob 5 votes
Tunes-eh? 1 vote
Escape Pod 9 votes
Cherie 1 vote
Sally 2 votes
Dopi 2 votes
DaNiPod 8 votes
DaniCasting 1 vote
Mother's Little Helper 3 votes
iPollo 2 votes