Saturday, August 26, 2006


Sorry to disappoint you

I was all ready to post a copy of that inside fold-out cover of the Canadian edition of the 2007 Ikea catalogue with the infamous dog picture on it - but my crack legal team (consisting of Beloved and my mother) have convinced me that printing material that a large Swedish multinational is actively trying to suppress is probably not in my best interests, to say nothing of the egregious copyright violation.

Damn, and I really wanted to do it, too.

I know at least three people who have one - surely you can find somebody to show it to you! And for what it's worth, Ikea denies that there was anything nefarious done to the photo - they insist that bit that looks alarmingly like a penis is really just the dog's leg.

Edited to add: apparently, it's not just the Canadian edition. This Globe and Mail article says 175 million (!!) catalogues worldwide carry the same image. And CTV.ca has now added a photo to their coverage, if you absolutely *must* see for yourself!