Thursday, September 07, 2006


I. O. U.

Sorry, bloggy friends. I owe you two posts, and I don't have time to give you either one of them just right now.

The first one is all about yesterday's interview with Tristan's junior kindergarten teachers, and how well it went and how proud I am and how freaked out I am about the whole "no longer a preschooler" thing.

The second one is about this great Ottawa blogger meet-up I went to last night with Andrea and Kerry and Chantal, and how great it is to see such a strong and diverse blogger community in the city, and how much fun I have every.single.time I get together with Andrea, and how funny Chantal is in real life - even funnier than on her blog.

But all that is for another day - soon, I promise - because since I was out gallavanting last night I didn't have time to write up the JK post and since I have French class this morning I don't have time to write up the blogger meet-up post. And if anything else happens to me this week, even as mundane as finding $20 in the pockets of a jacket I haven't worn for a couple of months, I really think my head might explode. I'm just sayin'...