Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The memo


To: The Universe
From: DaniGirl
Re: Messing with my head

Dear Universe,

Thank you for an exciting first week of September. Sending my eldest son off to meet his kindergarten teacher for the first time would have been more than enough excitement for a single week, and yet you were kind enough to add the pregnancy adventure to that.

You could have stopped there. Really, that would be more than enough to keep a girl awake nights, pondering mini-vans and bedroom arrangements and parenting three children under six.

And yet, you didn't quite thing that was enough. You decided to mess with my head just a little bit more. I think maybe you are playing a cosmic game of "let's see how far she bends before she snaps" and you're about to win.

Yes, I'm talking about the blood test results. The blood test results that, at 3491, seem inordinately high for me to be just five weeks pregnant. Yes, I realize that a high beta number is an indicator of a good, strong pregnancy, and for that I am extremely grateful.

But there's that other thing. That thing about how a high beta can also mean multiples. And you know that my father was a twin, his father was a twin, and my mother's father was a twin.

The clinic won't be doing an ultrasound for another two weeks, which leaves me to stew in my own speculative juices for what seems like an eternity. Because universe, I really think it's a bit twisted if you find the idea of twins is funny.