Thursday, September 28, 2006


On secrets and sleep deprivation

You’ll have to excuse me. This little blueberry of a baby has forged some sort of evil alliance with Simon, and they’re conspiring to make sure I’m so completely sleep deprived that I cease to function. For the past week and a half, Simon has been waking me three to five times a night (!) with grumbles in his sleep, whether for a lost soother or a cold that only seems to manifest itself during the night, and once I’m up, I’m up for an hour. They are very close to succeeding in their evil alliance.

All that to justify the fact that my brain is goo, and it’s an epic struggle just to make coherent sentences, let alone grammatically correct sentences that provoke stimulating debate. (But, speaking of stimulating debate – that was fun yesterday. Thanks for your two cents, and kudos to all of you for being so darn polite about it, too.)

I’m trying to avoid being the all-pregnancy-all-the-time blogger, but you’ll have to forgive me as that’s where my head is at these days. Hey, only seven more months to go! And there are just so many interesting topics related to pregnancy that we can talk about.

For instance, a friend of mine just found out she’s going to be a grandmother for the first time. Her son and daughter-in-law just told her last week – and she’s three months along. I couldn't imagine taking three days, let alone three months, to tell my mom.

As you saw, I knew for all of about three hours before sharing my news with the interweb, and frankly that’s *longer* than I waited with Simon. I simply don’t get why people wait three months to tell people about a new pregnancy, and I’d like to know what you think. Even when we lost our first baby at 13 weeks, although it was truly one of the worst things of my life to have to tell everyone and sift through their grief as well as my own, I would still rather do it with the support of my friends than alone with Beloved.

What are your thoughts on waiting to announce a pregnancy? Did you tell people right away, wait for a special occasion, or wait for that mystical three-month mark? And *how* did you keep it a secret for so long? I have to restrain myself from telling strangers on streetcorners!