Sunday, September 03, 2006


The overnight stay

It's Sunday morning, and the house is silent. I can hear the clock ticking in the next room and the rain spattering the window. I am completely unsettled by the silence.

The boys, both of them, spent last night with Granny and Papa Lou. It was the first time they both stayed over together, although Tristan has stayed over a few times before. They were, of course, beside themselves with excitement as we got ready to go over yesterday after dinner. I dropped them off, and they barely noticed when I left. Papa Lou had already set up the DVD player with their favourite movie, and Granny was in the kitchen preparing a snack tray. I knew they were in good hands.

Because Beloved is swamped with work and behind with his lesson plans, he elected to stay home while I went out for a movie with a friend. (The Illusionist - a terrific movie, except I kept waiting for Edward Norton to say, "I am Jack's broken heart.") When I got home the house was palpably emptier, and I had to convince myself not to go and look in on their empty beds just before I went to bed myself.

I just called over to see how things went. My mother has the boys out at WalMart, but my father said that it had gone reasonably well. "They were up at four thirty," he added, almost as an afterthought.

"For the DAY?" I asked, cringing. "That's a little early!"

"Hmmm, I thought so, too," he said, with barely concealed irony.

Oh well. Maybe my folks will be willing to try again when they're teenagers and sleeping until noon...