Thursday, October 12, 2006


Mixed messages

I'm having a good couple of days. Pardon my enthusiasm, but I had to update you on Tristan's school foibles.

You'll remember a couple of weeks ago, we got called in for a parent-teacher confab after a mere eight days of school, causing me to believe we should perhaps stop saving for Tristan's education and instead start saving for bail money.

Yesterday, we got the first 'goal worksheet' back in Tristan's communication folder (because he alternates between a French and an English teacher, he hasn't been back with the other teacher since the week of our conference.) Five goals, five happy faces for five goals achieved. Go Tristan!

And from the department of mixed messages, we also got a lovely little certificate signed by the principal saying Tristan was "Star of the Week" for October 2 through 5. I understand from our daycare provider, who has older children at the school, that this is an honour bestowed upon a student by having the certificate hang in the hallway outside the principal's office for a week, then sent home to the child's beaming parents. I have no idea of the significance of this honour, whether he was nominated by a panel of his peers, or whether he will be able to add it to his curiculum vitae some day, but Tristan was plenty proud and so am I.

And speaking of honours, one of you lovely peeps have nominated me (or rather, nominated blog) for a Canadian Blog Award again this year. I am in great company, with nominating nods - so far - to many of my favourites, including Beanie Baby, MUBAR, Martinis for Milk, Breadcrumbs in the Butter, Bub and Pie, and a peek inside the fishbowl. I'm honoured and touched by your nominations - thanks!

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