Monday, October 23, 2006


Twelve week update

I've just been for my 12 week OB appointment and prenatal screening ultrasound. Baby looks lovely in every way!

The ultrasound tech was having a little trouble getting the images she needed because the baby was in an awkward position and seemed to be sleeping. She gave my stomach a jolt hard enough to leave a residual sore spot an hour later (I'll stop worrying about damage from wayward preschooler elbows now) and my heart soared as the baby began to swim and dance on the screen. It's easy to forget in these early days that there's an actual baby in there with moving parts!

The tech pronounced the baby a docile soul, and wouldn't that be a gift? Truly, the third child should by some cosmic law be the most docile and good-natured of the three, right? RIGHT?

I myself am doing equally well as we head into the second trimester. Although I haven't had any actual morning sickness, my stomach has turned rather greasy and sour every day around 4 pm for the last month or so, lasting until bedtime. Not exactly the best time to be planning, making and eating dinner, let alone trying to accomplish domestic tasks and bedtime rituals. Thankfully, after feeling particularly crappy all last week, I'm feeling a whole hell of a lot better. Maybe there's something to this 'second trimester as honeymoon trimester' after all.

The earliest we can find out whether this baby has indoor or outdoor plumbing is six weeks from now, and we officially have the ultrasound booked for December 4, first thing in the morning. It's Beloved's birthday - can you guess what he wants for his birthday?

Ugh, six more weeks. How do people go an entire pregnancy not knowing? I've said every time someone has asked me whether I want to know the gender that if I could pee on a stick in the morning to know I'm pregnant, I'd like to pee on a stick in the afternoon to know the gender.

Six more weeks...