Saturday, November 25, 2006


Canadian Blog Awards - the finals!

As I said the other day, I'm truly honoured that you've voted me to the final round of the Canadian Blog Awards. Did you notice that there were less than 15 votes separating the top five blogs in the Best Family Blog category? I'm so pleased to be in the company of such excellent bloggers.

If you're interested in a great analysis of the finalists in each category, take a look at James Bow's blog - and I'm not just saying that because he said nice things about me. (Thanks, James!) If you're looking for a few new blogs, the list of nominees and finalists is a great place to start. You can vote each day through Friday, and the results will be announced next Sunday, December 3.

And if you're here visiting for the first time, scroll past this last week. It hasn't been my best. We usually have a lot of fun around here, and I've got to credit the people who come here to comment, to chat, and to encourage me for a large part of that.

I'm not nearly focused enough to mount a campaign like the one to take down Rick Mercer last year. (That was fun, though, wasn't it?) And while it's been suggested that I shouldn't ask you to vote for me, I think I'll do it anyway. What can I say, I'm an irrepressible attention junkie, and I'm honoured by every vote! Vote already! Vote!!!