Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The one where I shamelessly beg for votes

I’m torn.

On one hand, it's quite clear. In the Canadian National Identity Handbook, it clearly states that we are to be a self-effacing, unassuming, toe-twisting-in-the-carpet, “aw-shucks” brand of modest.

On the other hand, I am a known attention-whore. I admit it. I am needy for a steady stream of external validation. I am a praise junkie. What to do?

This: I hurl myself, submissively and Golden-Retriever-like, onto my back with my feet in the air, tail wagging wildly, and implore you to scratch my belly. You see, you've honoured me again this year with a nomination for a Canadian Blog Award, in the "Best Family Blog" category.

I could be subtle and just casually mention here that I’ve been nominated. I could show my true neediness, and mention that you can cast your vote for me starting today. Ahem, I could even be so brazen as to suggest that you can vote for me every single day for an entire week, should you so choose. And if I were truly audacious and irredeemably uncool, I just might remind you every couple of days to remember to cast your vote for me. You know, if you felt like it.

There will be two rounds of voting. Round one will run until November 21, and the top five blogs in each category will be announced November 23. Round two will run until December 1, with the winners announced December 3.

Last year, I had a lot of fun with my "campaign to take down Rick Mercer", but this year I'm up against some of my favourie bloggers, so it’s truly a little bit difficult to promote myself. Heck, even I'm having a hard time deciding for whom to vote!

But if you do feel so inclined, click through to the Canadian Blog Awards page and scroll down, waaaaaaaaay down, to the Best Family Blog category and pick - well, you know, pick whichever blog you like best - then scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the submit button. (These instructions might seem a bit overly explicit, but I have to make sure I get at least two votes by ensuring my Mom and Dad know how to vote!)

So what are you waiting for? VOTE already!

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