Monday, November 27, 2006


Patriotic ear worms

I recently heard someone refer to those songs that get stuck in your head as 'ear worms'. While the term makes me shudder just a little bit, I must admit that it has a certain cachet.

I think I'm particularly susceptible to ear worms. As I walk through the mall in the mornings on my way from transit to office, the Christmas muzak bounces off the closed store doors and windows and resonates in my head, leaving me humming Feliz Navidad for hours afterward despite my best efforts to replace it with something - anything! - else.

Moreso, I think I've passed my susceptibility on to Tristan. A few times recently, he has hopped out of the car singing snippets of the last song that happened to be on the radio, something I know he has likely not heard before. (Aside: the boys' favourite song right now? Crabbuckit by K-OS. I have only myself to blame for their first indoctrination to hip hop. I may live to rue this day.)

There is one song that seems to get caught in the loop of Tristan's internal CD player more often than any other. I can't say I'm surprised, as he hears it every single morning when he's at school. The problem is that he hums it throughout the day - every day - and of course, it ends up stuck in my head every night. (Nope, not exaggerating here. Every.single.day.) Not that it's a bad song, it's just not the one I want as the soundtrack to my life. I spend all day humming bad Christmas muzak like Feliz Navidad, and spend the rest of my waking hours humming O Canada.

(The evil blogger in me is hoping I've indoctrinated you with at least one of these songs by now. Come on, you can hear them in your head, can't you? There's nothing like a little Mexican Christmas joy to start the week, is there?)

What's your musical weakness? What song do you dread hearing, knowing that after just a few bars, it will be rattling around in your brain for hours - if not days - afterward?