Saturday, December 16, 2006


Building a bed for my boy

Like many of you, I was out searching for the perfect tree this weekend. However, while you simply strung some lights and decorations on yours, I hauled mine into my woodshop, cut it into just the perfect amount of boards, stained a few and built this lovely little bed for Simon:

What's that you say? You can see the assembly instructions right there on the floor? Busted. Okay, so I didn't carve the raw lumber, and the holes were pre-drilled. But I did get to use my power screwdriver and some sandpaper, and even had to hammer in a few dowels. That's the tricky part, you know.

(Beloved tried to suggest that maybe he could build the bed, but I wouldn't let him anywhere near it. I so love to assemble DIY furniture. It satisfies my urge to make things while taking the more dangerous power tools out of my hands. Win-win.)

And judging by the three-hour nap, Simon seems to like it, too: