Monday, December 04, 2006


Ooooh, pretty shiny silver!

I've always been fond of silver. The first ring that I wore on a daily basis was a silver and turquoise ring my parents gave me for Christmas circa 1983. My wedding rings and my other favourite ring are white gold, which is basically silver for spoiled girls. Even my teeth are filled with shiny silver fillings.

And now, blog has a beautiful siler maple leaf to wear with pride, thanks to our second place finish in the Canadian Blog Awards best family blog category.

(insert pretty silver maple leaf here, when Blogger deigns to let me post an image)

The finish was a real nail-biter, and we placed a mere 982 votes behind the winner. (I don't even want to think about what kind of day I would have had to have last week to pull in that many votes!) Congratulations to Kristin and Ali and Carly and MetroMama and Catherine, and all the other bloggers who were nominated. I really thought I knew my way around the Canadian blogosphere, but I found a lot of great new blogs to read this past couple of weeks thanks to the CBAs.

And of course, thank to you all of you for your votes, and for your patience with this whole blog award silliness, and for your ongoing love and support. You know I'm fond of words, and I simply can't find enough of them to tell you how honoured I am that you voted for me, and how touched I have been by your recent kindness.

I had a much longer, sappier post in mind, but I'm having trouble pulling the words together without sounding maudlin or saccharine. Plus, there's a guy stage left with a big hook, and Chuck Barris just rolled the gong out stage right, so maybe I'll leave it with a simple thank you.

Thank you. Really, and sincerely. Thank you!

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