Monday, January 01, 2007


It's a new year!

I'm fond of odd-numbered years -they seem to be lucky for me. Beloved and I met in 1995 and married in 1999. We conceived Tristan in 2001 and Simon in 2003. We also bought this house in 2003, and I started my current job that year. In 2005, I earned a promotion. I like odd-numbered years. I have a good feeling about this one.

Without any attempt at a segue whatsover, I'd like to introduce the latest member of our family. On Boxing Day, Beloved got a great deal on a new desktop to replace the old one that died this summer. After reading all your comments about kids and computers, I realized it was high time the boys had access to a computer of their own, so rather than putting this back in the basement, we decided to keep it in a central place. On the weekend, we picked up this little desk/cupboard so we could keep it on the main floor - and hopefully keep the clutter to a minimum.

You were so right, bloggy friends. It's freaking me out how easily Tristan is taking to the computer, considering how limited his exposure has been. He's seen a computer practically every day of his life, but far as I know, the only mouse he's played with significantly has been the one at the bookstore - and it's a Mac.

I remember how long it took me to coordinate the mouse in my hand and the pointer on screen, way back in 1986 or so. And yet, Tristan does it like he's moving the pointer with his mind instead of the mouse. What really blew me away was that he figured out within the first three minutes how to grab the top of a window and drag it across the screen. He's seen me do it a dozen times or more, but there's nothing intuitive about it - for an old girl like me, anyway.

It's a whole new year, and a whole new era in our house. There's a desktop in the very heart of the house, wide open for the kids and us to share.

I can feel it - this year is going to be amazing!!

Happy new year!

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