Thursday, January 18, 2007


More post-scripts to the home-improvement frenzy

Apparently, I need to add still more post script photos to my home improvement extravaganza post. As if it didn't have enough pictures already!

Claudette talks in the comments to this post about the idea for home-made marble magnets inspired by this post of Andrea's. (Convoluted enough for you?) Ahem, anyway, I made these over the holidays out of some old Christmas cards following Andrea's example, and I never did get around to blogging about it.

So easy, and fun! I'll be playing around with new ideas for this as soon as I get another block of free time. (Sometime in 2009, maybe?)

And because I had the camera out, the boys started mugging. If you're low on your adorable quotient for the day, get a look at Simono the Magnificent, resplendent and shirtless in with his magic cape (the quilt from his crib), his magic wand, and his magic toque. All the Canadian magicians are wearning them these days.

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