Monday, March 12, 2007


The Great Canadian Rimroller Contest

Late last week, I was telling you about Paul Kind, the Ottawa inventor who created the Rimroller, a "plastic device the size of a bottle opener that cleanly slices open and unrolls a rim in one fluid motion." Apparently a lot of people are intrigued by the idea, because the google traffic on Rimroller has been second only to the Ikea dog penis fiasco of 2006.

I was so entranced by the idea of the Rimroller that we made a special detour to Lee Valley Tools on Saturday to pick one up. And since I was there, I picked up one for my dad, and one for my brother. I mentioned I was going to Kerry, and she asked me to pick one up for her dad while I was at it. It does seem like a dad kind of widget, doesn't it?

It works like a charm! Well, not exactly a charm. In the four rims we've collectively rolled since Saturday afternoon, we haven't won a single thing. But I remain hopeful.

And now, my bloggy friends, I will share the Rimroller love with you. Want to win a Rimroller of your very own? You'll have to earn it, but I won't make it too hard on you.

To win a Rimroller, simply leave the URL of a Canadian web site in your comment. Any Canadian web site will do, but bonus points will be awarded for Canadian-ness, creativity, and at the whimsey and caprice of me. I'll leave the contest open through Friday.

If you don't like your odds with me, you can always buy your own from Lee Valley Tools here. (And no, I'm in no way affiliated with this guy or the Rimroller, I'm just tickled by the whole idea.)

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