Saturday, March 24, 2007


Hello Moto

As I mentioned a while ago, we got a new Moto KRZR phone recently. I like it a lot more than the Nokia 6682, even though it has less stuff on it. (Yes, "stuff." I'm so techno-ignorant it's a wonder I can figure out the blog some days.)

One thing I do prefer on the Nokia is the "nostalgic" ring tone that sounds just like an old fashioned bell ringer from the 1970s. I know, I can probably download one from somewhere, but that involves the intersection of the time and the inclination to do so, and that conjunction hasn't yet occured.

In the meanwhile, it's got the default ringer on it, which is a man's voice - in a tone described as Beloved as 'flamboyantly robotic' - that says, "Hello, Moto!" followed by some really bad funky music. It's pure fromage.

The week we got the phone, Beloved was home alone one day. He was in the bathroom, pinching a loaf. (I debated between metaphors for a long time, I'll have you know. I'm sure he'll be overjoyed to read this level of detail goes into the blog.) As I said, the house was completely still and empty when the cell phone rang. Well, it didn't exactly ring. First, a 'flamboyantly robotic' voice called out from the kitchen, "Hello, Moto!" and then some really bad funky music started.

Beloved was, to say the least, alarmed.

I'm sure this is exactly the kind of quality post the KRZR PR folks had in mind when they gave me the shiny, pretty phone.