Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Real moms

Chantal at Breadcrumbs in the Butter (one of the funniest moms I know) tagged me for this meme on real moms. The idea is to use the phrase "real moms" as a writing prompt. I loved what she wrote, and had a hard time deciding where I wanted to go with this one.

Real moms laugh. A lot.
Real moms work outside the home.
Real moms breastfeed exclusively.
Real moms always put the needs of their family first.
Real moms hire cleaning ladies.
Real moms let their babies cry it out.
Real moms use cloth diapers.
Real moms believe in circumcision.
Real moms choose public schools.
Real moms trust the experts.
Real moms feed their kids only home-made, organic, preservative-free food.
Real moms go to church.
Real moms believe spanking is child abuse.
Real moms believe in the family bed.
Real moms think a child belongs in his/her own bed.
Real moms believe in corporal punishment.
Real moms are athiests.
Real moms consider opening a can of spaghettios making dinner.
Real moms trust their instincts.
Real moms choose private schools.
Real moms are horrified by circumcision.
Real moms use disposable diapers.
Real moms would never dream of letting their babies cry it out.
Real moms love to clean the house.
Real moms aren't afraid to put themselves first sometimes.
Real moms bottle feed exclusively.
Real moms stay at home with their kids.
Real moms cry. A lot.

Real moms love their kids.

Now I'm supposed to tag five other people. Hmm, okay, I'd like to see what TwinMom, Nancy, Alison, Bub and Pie and Miche have to say.

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