Tuesday, April 17, 2007


How cool am I?

How cool am I? Why, thanks for asking. I am, in fact, way wicked cool. And terribly impressed with my sassy self at just this moment.

What's got me so excited? Tickets to see Rush in concert, baby! The last great concert I need to see. I've been a Rush fan since I was ten years old and Moving Pictures came out - it was one of the first LP albums I ever owned. Geddy Lee is one of my personal heroes and Neil Peart is a demi-god. Rush!!

And not only am I cool enough to be going, but I've already got my tickets when they don't even go on sale to the general public until Friday.

*pauses for ohs and ahs of befuddled wonderment and whispers of amazed curiousity*

I was futzing about on the ticketmaster.ca site, trying to figure out the prices, and I found something about advance fan-club sales. So I went on the Rush site, and followed the links on tour portion of the Web site. It gave me the secret code and I was in like Flynn! (And ya gotta know that only people who are so secure in their ultimate coolness are comfortable to use a phrase as hokey as "in like Flynn", let me tell you.)

Rush! Me! In September! Squee!!