Friday, April 13, 2007


Simon and the Incredibles

I've posted before about how Tristan's increasing facility with the computer never fails to amaze me. Now, of course, Simon is hot on his heels.

Beloved has just set him up with his favourite Incredibles game, and he is clicking contentedly when suddenly he complains, "Mom! The game shut down!" This is a problem with our Cars game. It's incompatible with our video card and tends to shut down randomly. We haven't had the same problem with the Incredibles, though.

"What were you doing when it shut down?" troubleshoots Beloved.

"I clicked on exit and it shut down!" Simon replies indignantly.

Apparently there are nuances to the language that one has to acquire, at the tender age of three, before being completely successful with technology. The meaning of 'exit', for starters.