Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yay day

Back in the day, before I had all things bloggy (and Facebook-y) to satisfy my online urges, I spent a lot of time on bulletin boards - in particular, on IVF Connections.

One feature I always liked was the brag thread, where people would talk about how baby rolled over for the first time, or ate her first cheerio, or slept more than two hours in a row. Sometimes it was something major like 'we just bought a new house', or 'I just earned my dream job', but sometimes it was as simple as 'I managed to take a shower and feed the kids breakfast before the schoolbus arrived this morning.'

We don't do enough bragging, in my humble opinion. We need to speak up more often about the simple joys and subtle victories in our daily lives. Want to play along?

I'd like to know what's going on in your life today that makes you happy. What's worthy of commentary? What are you proud of? Why do you (or someone you know) deserve a pat on the back? Share an anecdote of how life is good in your little corner of the universe right about now.

Here's a simple one for me: my pants are too big. I have had to give up many, many pairs of pants in my life because they were too small, but aside from maternity clothes I don't think I've actually had to stop wearing a pair of pants because they were too large - and I'm not averse to wearing baggy, oversize clothes either! But the pants I bought just after Christmas to accomodate my burgeoning butt are no longer fit for public consumption. I knew they were getting looser, but I've been trying to keep them in circulation until the weather improved enough to transition into my spring pants. After two colleagues pointed out (with great kindness) that they were more than a wee bit saggy in the butt, I've had to face the truth. The pants are too big.

Yay me! I've only lost about 6 pounds in total, but I'm getting there.

Edited to add: another thing that makes me happy - I just found out that Loukia nominated me for one of the Blogger's Choice Awards!

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

Thanks Loukia! And if you happen to feel like wandering over there and voting for me (you have to sign up to do it - what a pain!), then make sure you vote for Marla while you're at it!

And now - what about you?