Friday, May 11, 2007


Doctor doctor

I've been feeling like crap all week, and chastising myself for not being able to shake off what seems to be nothing more than a cough, albeit a deep and juicy one. I've been sooooooo tired, though, and if I do anything more energetic than, say, lift a coffee cup to my lips, I've been left feeling clammy and yucky.

Since Tristan has been on antibiotics for a double ear infection all week, I thought I should cram in a quick visit to the doctor before our camping weekend. Kind of glad I did - turns out I have walking pneumonia. (!) Suddenly I don't feel so bad about feeling bad! Funny how validating it is to have someone confirm that yes, you are actually sick.

I checked with Dr Google when I got home (a very risky business at the best of times, even post-diagnosis) and lookit that, my doctor with all the fancy degrees is right, the symptoms that have been plaguing me all week do sound like walking pneumonia.

That's five trips to the doctor in eight days for the four of us - Tristan's (almost) well-child annual check-up on Wednesday; a double-appointment to the after-hours pediatric clinic on Friday when we noticed discharge coming out of Tristan's ear (and wanted to get Simon's chest cough looked at while we were at it); Beloved went to a walk-in clinic for tendon problems in his thumb; plus my visit to my GP. (Sheesh! My last visit to the doctor before this was my d&c follow-up in November; my last visit to my GP was in August.)

Can I get a hallelujah for socialized medicine? The longest any of us waited was 26 hours, for my appointment yesterday. We paid nothing for any of the visits. I'll get 80% of the drug costs back under my health-care plan at work.

(The boys have no idea what I'm writing about, only that mommy is too busy playing with the computer to pay attention to them. Again. But they're sitting at my feet playing doctor with Simon's doctor kit. Way too cute!)