Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My big boy keeps getting bigger

I've just been to Tristan's annual check-up, something that has been delegated to Beloved the past few years. (So much so, in fact, that I showed up at the wrong building. Good thing we were running a bit ahead of schedule - in the year or two since I've been with the boys to the pediatrician, apparently he moved his practice across the street.) I feel the need to reassert my maternal 'ownership' of appointments every now and then. Who me, control issues?

I adore our pediatrician. He has the reputation as one of the best in the city, and it's well-deserved in my opinion. He makes me feel like a wonderful parent with every visit. He earned my undying affection and loyalty way back in the early days, when I had to bring newborn Tristan in every week for the first month for a weigh-in because he wasn't latching well and wasn't gaining enough weight. It seems we were in the ped's office endlessly that first year - Tristan had an EKG when his eyes were doing a weird little roll-back-in-his-head thing around 6 months, then he had a UTI with a fever so severe that we were in the ER for all of Christmas Day - and of course each had a series of follow-up appointments. No matter how anxious or neurotic I was, Dr Bialik's calming manner not only reassured me but bolstered my negligible parenting confidence.

That long, skinny baby, who was almost failure-to-thrive before we figured out the whole breastfeeding thing, is now a whopping 3'10" and 51 lbs at five years old - more than 95th percentile for height and for perhaps the first time, more than 50th percentile for weight. And five years later, Dr Bialik still finds ways to reassure me with the most casual observations. I didn't even pointedly ask any questions, and yet he managed to allay my concerns about Tristan's social development (he seems painfully shy to me, and I worry just a little bit about his lack of interaction with the other kids) and to completely put to rest any nagging fears I had about hyperactivity and ADHD.

While Tristan flopped around on the examining room floor like a carp and bounced around the room like a pinball on Red Bull, Dr Bialik assured me that he could see clear evidence, in this short appointment, that although he has a high energy level Tristan has the ability to reign it in and concentrate on a task when asked to do so - exactly what you need to see in your average engergetic five year old.

I feel like a good mommy today. I wish I could stuff this feeling in a jar and keep it under my pillow for the next time I need it!