Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Now appearing in Canadian Family magazine

How do you pull a blogger out of a tailspin? Not chocolate, not diamonds, not swedish massage from brawny blond masseurs (although if you're looking for suggestions, all of these are certainly acceptable second-string choices.)

No, if you really want to cheer up a blogger with attention-junkie disorder, give her validation by putting her name AND her blog link in print in a major parenting magazine.

My friend, fellow blogger and parenting author extraordinaire Ann Douglas has written an article for the summer issue of Canadian Family magazine on mom blogging and mom blogs, featuring quotes from Marla and Jen and, um, who was that other one? The one with the lead quote in the article? Oh yeah, me! I can't find the article online just yet, but if they do put it up I'll be sure to let you know. The article is a good exploration of why moms blog, and gives a balanced insight into both the highs and potential lows of blogging.

The irony is that in the lead quote (I'm going from memory here, having forgotten my copy at home) I called the momosphere a kind of massive parenting manual, where there is no question that can't be answered with a search engine and a bit of patience. I wasn't sure that the blogosphere could resolve my current daycare situation, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. In the process, I've invented a new tool: blog search as oracle.

Key your question into the search engine of your choice. Google's blog search would work, but I wanted to narrow my search down to advice from the parenting blogs so I used Scribbit's parenting blog search tool way down there there on my sidebar.

I keyed in "will my search for daycare end well?" and scanned the results for the words "yes" or "no". (I used "find" from the IE toolbar menu to make sure I didn't miss anything.) The oracle of parenting blogs confirms that YES, the search for daycare will end well. Phew, that's certainly a load off my mind!

Thanks, as well, to the Huffington Post, who linked to all the posts on the MotherTalk Blog Bonanza on Fearless Friday, including the post I wrote about Tristan on two wheels.

Now, excuse me while I go use my new blogosphere-as-oracle trick to see if the Sens are going to defeat the Ducks in five games or seven...