Monday, May 28, 2007


Random babbling on a Monday morning

The good news is, this is the LAST Monday I have to work until after Labour Day. Having a certain amount of seniority means I get almost five weeks of vacation time this year, and in addition to a week in June and a couple later in the summer, I have booked off every Monday through June, July and August. Yay!

The bad news is, I have to work five days this week and the forecast calls for wall-to-wall sunshine. What a drag!

The good news is, the Sens are playing in game one of the Stanley Cup finals tonight. Go Sens GO!

The bad news is, the game starts at 8 pm and the end of regulation time will be dangerously close to my bedtime. Please, hockey gods, no overtime on the weeknight games.

The good news is, I've made contact with a few potential caregivers this weekend, including two daycare providers and a nanny.

The bad news is, I'm tired of interviewing caregivers and more than a little gun-shy about starting all this over again. My standards for personal connection are considerably elevated (and they were pretty damn high to begin with!) and my financial threshhold is getting dangerously high, too.

The good news is, I have hugely satisfied my recent craving for family friendship by getting together with some old friends last week that I had lost touch with, and spent Sunday with not one but two different groups of friends who are like family and family who are like friends.

The bad news is, with all that socializing the house is a disaster and I have no clean underwear.

The good news is, my backyard is in full bloom, from the lilacs to the irises to the apple tree to the honeysuckle and the myriad other perennials that are self-sufficient enough that I haven't yet neglected them to death.

The bad news is, we still have a 12' diameter dirt circle we have to resod from where the pool used to sit. It looks alarmingly like a crop circle in our backyard. I'm thinking of painting a red target in it, just to see if the neighbours react.

The goods news is, I actually managed to whip together a post this morning, which is more than I expected to be able to accomplish because there is simply not enough hours in the day to do all the stuff I've been trying to get done lately.

The bad news is, it's a pretty sad excuse for a post. I'll do better tomorrow, probably. Or, you know, maybe not. See, that's the fun of coming here lately. You never know which of the 17 personalities I've been cultivating will be holding the pen. Today, I think it was a group effort.